Hydropower is biggest renewable source of power. The total hydro power potential assessed in the country as per Central Electricity Authority is 1,45,320 MW. The Hydro Power potential harnessed so far in the country as on 31st December 2019 is 45,400 MW, which comes to 31.24%.

The mountainous topography of Arunachal Pradesh with high annual rainfall represents an ideal condition for development of hydro-electric projects. There are eight major river basins in the state, namely Tawangchu, Kameng, Dikrong, Subsansiri, Siang, Dibang, Lohit and Tirap. There are many tribuataries and distributaries, which also offer suitable sites for the development of hydroelectric projects.

Out of the total Hydro power potential assessed in the country, about 40% falls in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The strategically important state of Arunachal Pradesh has more than 58,000 MW of hydro potential but ironically only 1.00% of this potential could be exploited till date.

For the hilly state of Arunachal Pradesh, inclusive development through the hydro-power projects is the smart option for growth. Natural terrain and available water resources provide an attractive opportunity for not only to the state but also to the Nation.


  1. Tato-I HEP (186 MW)
  2. Heo HEP (240 MW)
  3. Pauk HEP (145 MW)
  4. Tato-II HEP (700 MW)
  5. Naying HEP (1000 MW)
  6. Hirong HEP (500 MW)
  7. Rego HEP (70 MW)
  8. Rapum HEP (80 MW)
  9. Kangtangshiri HEP(80 MW)

There are so many projects allotted to various developers, but most of them are struggling to come to implementation stage for want of mandatory clearances, involving many departments of State Government as well as Government of India.